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  • Jiangsu Aladdin high temperature material2..
    Jiangsu Aladdin high temperature material...
    Jiangsu Aladdin high temperature material..
    Jiangsu Aladdin high temperature material...
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        Jiangsu Aladdin high temperature material co., LTD is located in dedicated professional enterprise of manufacturing high quality ceramic fiber!
        Companies with advanced equipment, professional technical and management team as the foundation, production of 1260 type, 1400 type, soluble degradation (absorption) ceramic fiber blanket, products are widely services in domestic and international outstanding thermal equipment suppliers!
        People-oriented science and technology, Aladdin will uphold the business philosophy of continuous innovation, providing customers with more satisfactory products! ...
    Focus, focus, professional

    Focus on innovation, the pursuit of perfection,

    Active introduction of digestion, absorption, leading technology and equipment at home and abroad. The....

    Superior quality
    Strict quality control, high standard professional service, committed to providing customers with the best solution, creating value for customers and achieving win-win results...
    Energy conservation
    The product can greatly improve the thermal efficiency of the thermal equipment, reduce energy consumption, and become more green, cleaner and safer...
    According to the needs of customers, according to the design and processing of the ceramic fiber special-shaped parts, the engineering department can provide the corresponding installation and transformation services...
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